Zebra & Me Eco Friendly Feeding Sachets, 2Pack, Chef
Zebra & Me Eco Friendly Feeding Sachets, 2Pack, Chef
Zebra & Me Eco Friendly Feeding Sachets, 2Pack, Chef
Zebra & Me Eco Friendly Feeding Sachets, 2Pack, Chef
Zebra & Me Eco Friendly Feeding Sachets, 2Pack, Chef
Zebra & Me Eco Friendly Feeding Sachets, 2Pack, Chef
Zebra & Me Eco Friendly Feeding Sachets, 2Pack, Chef
Zebra & Me Eco Friendly Feeding Sachets, 2Pack, Chef

Zebra & Me Eco Friendly Feeding Sachets, 2Pack, Chef

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A colorful zebra will tempt every bastard to a meal.
Specially designed colorful graphics of the sachets intrigue Children, thanks to which it is easier to introduce to their menu foods that are not very popular among babies on the plates.

Zebra & Me feeding sachets are an intuitive, intelligent and perfect way to store healthy home baby food.
They can be frozen and heated.

Perfect for serving:
Cream soup
Vegetable puree
Fruit mousses
Pudding and jelly
Advantages of feeding with Zebra & Me sachets:

Hygiene - feeding without touching food with dirty hands - directly into the mouth
Practicality - feeding without a spoon, plate or cup - directly into the mouth
Order - feeding without a mess
Proper development - feeding independently, intuitive and with joy without your help - supporting the development of the child's skills
Savings - you will prepare healthy food for your child much cheaper and you can freeze the excess and serve it at another time
Ecology - you no longer have to litter our planet with new empty sachets with food bought in supermarkets
Safety - BPA, PVC, phthalate and lead free
When we need the Zebra & Me feeding sachets:

If we want to feed our children with healthy meals - by using them, we know exactly what the meal contains because we have prepared it ourselves
If we have a problem with introducing new foods / products to the baby's menu - thanks to the friendly Zebra on our sachets, the children alone
If the baby has food allergies - thanks to the fact that we prepare meals ourselves, we know what we give
In the car, on the plane, in the park, on the beach, in the kindergarten, when visiting or in the shop ... wherever you are, your baby will be able to enjoy healthy food from his favorite sachet
To ensure complete safety while eating, each sachet is equipped with a very durable double zipper on the bottom, which prevents the contents from spilling out.

To ensure proper tightness, the sachets should be filled with food to 1/3 or maximum 3/4 of their capacity. Otherwise, we will not be able to close them tightly.
The filled sachets can be frozen. Do not overfill the sachet as the volume of batch increases during freezing.

Set contains:
1 x 150 ml sachet CHEF pattern
1 x 150 ml sachet, ZEBRA pattern

  • Age: 12 months+;
  • Dimensions: 107 x 199 x 32 mm;
  • The product can be frozen;
  • The product is dishwasher safe on the top shelf;
  • The product must not be boiled;
  • We fill the product with chilled food with max. temp. 40 oC;
  • The product is not suitable for sterilization in a microwave or boiling water;
  • The product is not suitable for heating in a microwave or oven;
  • The product must not be dried in the sun, in the immediate vicinity of fire or direct heat sources;
  • The sachet is made of PET / NY / PE composite;
  • The cork is made of PE;
  • The product is completely safe and meets the European requirements (EU) No. 10/2011 of 14 January 2011.


  • The product may only be used under the supervision of an adult.

  • Never leave the sachets in the place of sunlight (direct solar propagation), direct heat or in liquids or disinfecting devices longer than indicated (in the description of the liquid or device), because this may weaken the product and in extreme cases damage it.

  • Before each use, check the condition of the sachet by carefully checking it.
    Discard if there are any signs of material damage or weakness.
    Never use a soother as a soother. tranquilizer.
    Always check the temperature of milk / food / water before feeding your baby.

  • Food temperature test: before feeding, pour a few drops of food into the crook of the elbow to determine if the milk / food is too hot or too cold. Before performing the test, shake the bottle well to equalize the temperature of the food.

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