The Soothing Bunny On the Go, Cream
The Soothing Bunny On the Go, Cream
The Soothing Bunny On the Go, Cream
The Soothing Bunny On the Go, Cream
The Soothing Bunny On the Go, Cream

The Soothing Bunny On the Go, Cream

94,99 zl PLN

The Soothing Bunny is a safe toy that can accompany children from the first day of life. Thanks to the toy’s small size and functional clip, it’s easy to take with you on any journey. Hanging in the pram or attached to a car seat, it soothes your baby, providing them a sense of security.

Inside the Soothing Bunny you’ll find a device, which produces calming pink noise for 40 minutes. Babies love this type of noise, because it resembles them the sounds they heard before birth. The pink noise makes falling asleep easier for newborn babies and infants. Soft Start/Soft Stop functions gradually increase and decrease the sound volume. You can adjust the volume according to your baby’s needs. A functional clip and the toy’s small size make the Humming Fox the perfect travelling companion. You can easily change its place without worrying that it will get lost. This toy will stay with your child for years.

Lifetime Warranty
We’re certain of the top quality we offer, so Whisbear products come with lifetime warranty. Just register your toy at Whisbear Bunny is your child’s friend and there to stay for years.

Lab tests
Whisbear toys and devices are tested and certified according to safety standards for different world markets, including Europe and the USA. Tests are conducted on an ongoing basis in certification bodies: TÜV Rheinland, CTT, J.S.Hamilton, UL Underwriters Laboratories, Instytut Łączności and Komag.

  • Age: 0+m;
  • Size: 13x8x2.5 cm;
  • Pink noise device: 7 x 2.3 cm;
  • Lifetime warranty;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Lab Tested;
  • The device requires 3 AAA batteries to operate. For safety precautions the batteries are not included.


Safety warranty
Whisbear products were the first humming toys in Poland and received the official approval of Instytut Matki i Dziecka for children with problems with falling asleep. The Institute verifies products for general, health and developmental safety.

Easy to clean
Wash only after removing the pink noise device.