Teddy Bear Silicone Lamp, Pink Big
Teddy Bear Silicone Lamp, Pink Big
Teddy Bear Silicone Lamp, Pink Big
Teddy Bear Silicone Lamp, Pink Big
Teddy Bear Silicone Lamp, Pink Big
Teddy Bear Silicone Lamp, Pink Big

Teddy Bear Silicone Lamp, Pink Big

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The idea behind the Rabbit&Friends silicone lamps was to meet the needs of mums and bring joy to their children. We know how important it is for your child to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep. The fear of darkness is one of the most common and biggest fears among children. It comes to the fore when the child’s imagination begins to develop. This fear is a cause of considerable anxiety for both children and their parents, who often struggle to find a solution to this problem.

This luminous friend is a wonderful gift for your child and yourself, as it will ward off any monsters, settle the child down and lull it to sleep. Rabbit&Friends lamps are soft, pleasant to touch and have beautiful designs. The soothing light is not dazzling but powerful enough to gently light up the area around the bed.

Touch the lamp to change the colour of the light (except for the Star Teddy Bear). To ensure safety, the lamps have undergone a series of tests and meet the standards set out in the CE and RoHS certificates.

Rabbit&Friends lamps make a wonderful gift for both parents and their children alike. The stylish box and the decorative parchment paper used to wrap the product make the lamps a ready-made gift. The lamps form a perfect unity with the interior design of a children’s room.  When your children are afraid to sleep with the light off, our lamps will gently light up the darkness to dispel their unease. The lamps are also useful during evening toddler care, changing nappies or feeding infants, as there is no need to turn on the main light in the room.

Rabbit&Friends lamps are exceptionally pleasant to touch. This is because they are made from silicone with a powder-like finish.The feel of the lamp is a nice, almost silky texture, instead of an unpleasant plastic surface. If the child squeezes the lamp, your child will be safe, and the lamp will quickly return to its original shape.

 Must have for every mom!

  • Size: 11.1x11.1x16cm;
  • switch the lamp on and off from a distance,
  • adjust the intensity of the light,
  • choose between flickering or a gentle change of colour;
  • charged via the micro USB cable;
  • the Teddy Bear lamp with remote control will go to sleep together with your child. The lamp will turn off automatically after 2 hours.
  • this product is not a toy. Children under six years of age may use the product under adult supervision only.
  • before using the product for the first time, make sure to read the operating instructions, as well as safety and warranty information contained in the user manual supplied with the product.

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