Sabbiarelli – Set of 12 Tubes with Sand Colour

Sabbiarelli – Set of 12 Tubes with Sand Colour

85,00 zl PLN

A very ingenious, creative and unique set of 12 markers with magic coloring sand derived from ground marble. Sabbiarelli magical sand for coloring is an educational toy intended for children, in which direct contact with the sand is an educational aspect in relation to materials. Working with sand when coloring drawings is not only especially pleasant for children, but also allows them to develop imagination and create beautiful pictures without the use of scissors, glue or paints.

These unique markers were made only from safe and non-toxic materials. A set of coloring pens in combination with an album for coloring with magic sand is an ideal idea to play with friends, as well as a nice idea for a gift.

  • Age: 3+
  • 12 x Sabbiarelli Coloured Marble Sand Refillable Pens;
  • Colours: yellow - orange - light green - light blue - pink - white - purple - red - dark green - blue - brown - black;
  • 1 x Stripper to lift the film;
  • Removable tip for easy refilling of sand;
  • No stain, no drying, safe and environmentally friendly;
  • Made in Italy.