Easy-to-Pour Potty, Grey, Pourty
Easy-to-Pour Potty, Grey, Pourty
Easy-to-Pour Potty, Grey, Pourty
Easy-to-Pour Potty, Grey, Pourty
Easy-to-Pour Potty, Grey, Pourty

Easy-to-Pour Potty, Grey, Pourty

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The Pourty potty won Best New Product to Market 2010/11 and is consistently rated 5/5 in potty reviews for quality, value for money and ease of use.The Pourty Potty offers the convenience of a basic potty, is as easy to empty as a two piece potty and its unique one piece design makes it more hygienic to empty and easier to clean.

Its features include:

  •  a wide flat seat which is comfortable for boys and girls to sit on and helps limit the red ring that children can get around their bottom when they have been sitting on the potty for a long time;
  • a high splash guard to help prevent boys and girls from peeing over the top of the front of the potty;
  • a sturdy plastic that gives children confidence that it will hold their weight and reduces the risk that the potty will stick to their bottom when they stand up.

When emptying a conventional potty you have to pour the pee and/or poo over the area where the child sits and pee dribbles down the side of the potty and can go everyewhere.

The Pourty Potty has a unique pouring duct and anti-drip lip. You can pour the poo and pee through the duct out of the back of the Pourty potty away from where your toddler sits or touches with no messy dribbles. Simply clean by refilling the Pourty potty with water and pouring it out of the back of the potty again.

The two sides of the back rest of the Pourty potty offer ample support to your child if they do lean back and are shaped for maximum comfort. 

  • PCT patent application number: PCT/GB2009/051677
  • EC Design registration number: 001181960-0001
  • The Pourty was designed by parents Jonnie and Lucy Rathbone and is made in England and in China.

Food-grade silicone, these playful bibs are BPA and phthalate free.

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