BIBS De Lux, Silicone Pacifier -  Ruby

BIBS De Lux, Silicone Pacifier - Ruby

26,90 zl PLN

The pacifiers/soothers from the DE LUX collection in the size ONE SIZE are the answer of the BIBS brand to the needs of babies.

Many years of observations have allowed to determine that the most desired by infants, regardless of age, is a nipple with a size M suction tip.
Based on the research, BIBS patented the ONE SIZE suction tip, suitable for both newborns and older infants. Silicone is a material that is very safe for use by babies. However, it is more durable and harder than Hevea rubber. If your child does not accept the hardness of the BIBS DE LUX silicone nipple nipples for any reason, choose nipples with a rubber nipple, eg BIBS COLOR collection. Each element of the pacifier has been designed in cooperation with neonatologists.

Pacifier measuremants: 

tip diameter: approx. 15 mm
post diameter: approx. 10 mm
nipple height: approx. 27 mm 
dial diameter: 45 mm

  • Age:+0-36m;
  • Size is suitable for newborns;
  • 100% safe;
  • 100% silicone;
  • Anti Colic system;
  • The center of the pacifier is perfect for name engraving;
  • Recommended by midwifes to support natural breastfeeding;
  • The nipple is produced from natural rubber latex or silicone. The rubber is a natural material and therefore slight color variations may occur;
  • The shield is made of 100 percent food safe polypropylene (PP). Completely free from BPA, PVC and phthalates;
  • Also available in night version with glow in the dark handle;
  • Designed and manufactured in Denmark/EU;
  • Complies with the European Standard EN 1400+A2.
  • Care Instructions: 
    Sterilize each pacifier before use. When cleaning the pacifier, just follow these three simple steps: 1) Put the pacifiers in a clean bowl. Pour them with boiling water. 2) Let the pacifiers soak for approx. 5 min. 3) Pick them up and let them dry on a clean towel.

    For your baby’s safety always inspect the product carefully before each use. Especially when the baby has teeth. Pull the pacifier in all directions. Discard it at the first sign of damage or weakness. Only use dedicated pacifier holders tested to EN 11400. Never attach other ribbons or cords to a pacifier, your baby may be strangled by them. Do not leave latex pacifiers in direct sunlight.Do not put in the dishwasher.Do not use UV or steam sterilizers for the pacifiers, scald as advised on our homepage. Do not freeze the pacifiers.