Baby Teething Relief Dental Wipes Wipes, 28 Wipes, 0+m, BrushBaby
Baby Teething Relief Dental Wipes Wipes, 28 Wipes, 0+m, BrushBaby
Baby Teething Relief Dental Wipes Wipes, 28 Wipes, 0+m, BrushBaby

Baby Teething Relief Dental Wipes Wipes, 28 Wipes, 0+m, BrushBaby

34,50 zl PLN

Must Have!

 Your little one's journey from baby teeth to adult teeth is as individual as they are, so our products have been developed with their individual stage in mind. We know what it takes to give your babies, toddlers and young children the best start with their oral health and encourage them to develop healthy brushing habits.

The ideal way of gently cleaning your baby's mouth from day one, avoiding lil breath and morning breath. Also ideal for the weaning stage and for Mums experiencing morning sickness.
Soft, strong, sterile and hygienic. Easily wraps around your finger to gently wipe away food residue or milk deposits from baby's gums and tongue. Use as part of your baby’s daily grooming routine.
Fluoride and paraben-free, with Xylitol to reduce sugar acids that cause tooth decay, and morning breath. More hygienic alternative to cotton wool, muslin cloths or a finger toothbrush.

Natural Teething Relief

Our natural plant-based Xylitol solution reduces teething pain and discomfort by neutralizing sugar bacteria on the gums before teeth emerge.

Cleans Gums & Teeth

Wipe around the surface of the gums, teeth, tongue and cheeks for a residue free healthy oral environment that will help prevent emerging tooth decay and bottle breath.

Sized Just Right

For ages 0-Toddler, our individually wrapped wipes were designed to fit around a man’s finger but also slim enough to fit in a baby’s mouth without sacrificing durability.

Chemical Free

Each individual packaged wipe is medically sealed to avoid dried out wipes and bacterial contamination in our Fluoride and Paraben free Xylitol solution.

  • Age:0+m;
  • Hygienically sealed, sterile, disposable wipes
  • Helps clean delicate gums and first baby teeth
  • Xylitol - good for oral health
  • Fluoride and Paraben Free
  • 28 sachets per box
  • Sachets can be cooled in the fridge to ease inflamed gums

Usage: Use before your baby has teeth and with first teeth
Gently wipe over gums, tongue, cheeks and baby teeth after every feed/meal or morning and evening to start good oral health habits.

  • Formulated with natural Xylitol to combat decay-causing bacteria
  • With natural chamomile to soothe teething gums
  • Individually wrapped in sterile sachets for hygiene purpose
  • Suitable for children aged 0-16 months

INCI: Water, Glycerin, Xylitol, Cetylpyridinium chloride, Sodium levulinate, Octanediol, Ethylhexyl Glycerin, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Artemisia Princeps Extract.

Brush-Baby DentalWipes for Babies | Stage 1 Birth - First Teeth | Suitable from 0-16 Months