Pregnancy Pillows

Getting a good night's sleep when you're pregnant can be a challenge but finding the best pregnancy pillow can help a great deal.  As if the constant toilet trips, hormones and shooting leg pains weren't enough to deal with, not being able to get comfortable as your baby grows is a common pregnancy problem. Whether you're struggling with feeling too hot, finding a comfortable position or are being woken by those mum-to-be worries, we've got a few tips to help you get some much-needed sleep, plus a list of the best pregnancy support pillows around.

What is a pregnancy pillow?

Pregnancy pillows, also called maternity pillows or body pillows, are large, comfortable sleeping aids that support your pregnancy bump, bum and back and there are many different types to choose from. If you experience any discomfort or have difficulty relaxing when pregnant, you may wish to invest in a pregnancy pillow. If you're not sure if this will help you, you could try to use a normal pillow for starters. The downside of a regular pillow is that it might come up slightly small and could move around while you sleep so you may not always have the support you need during the night, whereas pregnancy pillows are shaped and designed to fit and intertwine with your body and stay in place.