MilkPanda Collection

The MilkPanda Collection was manufactured thanks to aninnovative connection of CV Bamboo yarn with Milkofil® yarn.   Milkofil® is an innovative organic and health yarn derived from milk. The fibre that is made from casein (the main protein in milk), is beneficial for air quality and stimulates blood circulation. Milkofil® is a natural antibacterial agent and it's sterile. Milk amino acids, which are transferred to the fibre, are great treatment for the skin.  Milkofil® creates light weaves with a silky look that allows the skin to breathe and humidity to be absorbed.  Thus obtained fiber is silky soft and extremely durable.
It can be a Perfect  Gift for Your Baby. Our Bamboo Bedding Set are extra soft and have excellent antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Originally made with patented fabric.